Thank you to all our volunteers that came out and helped today, all done and cleaned up in 2 hours!

This is a reminder that don’t put your garage in the same bags as the bottles and cans as we have to sort through it🤢

We have to pay for the garbage so it does defeat the purpose.

Once again thanks to everyone!!

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Just a quick reminder that we are bottle sorting tomorrow if you can make it.

Date: Wednesday October14th
Time 9:00AM

Hope to see you there.

Steve & Jenny for

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Hello Again Sorter Friends:
The drop-off bin is filling and that means we need to get together and sort the contents again. Hopefully we will have our usual great turn out and we will get them done quickly.
With respect for everyones well being we will maintain social distancing and also continue to wear our gloves and masks.
Hope to see you there.

Date: Wednesday October 14th
Time: 9:00AM.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone
Steve & Jenny Gehl

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Archive for January 2013

Clinton – Kelly Lake

This is a message that we got from Michelle Schilling, MOT Area Manager for Clinton – Bridge Lake:

“We are receiving reports  that the  section of  Pavilion Clinton Road  along  Kelly Lake  is  receiving  regular   small avalanche releases  from the   slopes above the roadway.  This area was  burned  in 2009 Kelly Lake Wildfire  and we are  now seeing  more  active  snow releases this winter.  The  snow releases  may be a hazard to  ice fishers, and snowmobilers in the park and other road users in the area.     The  releases are leaving about  1 + m of snow on the roadway.

We  will contact our avalanche  staff for more information on this new phenomena and  will review the  existing  debris flow  hazard signs.”

The Snowmobile Club will try and keep everyone posted.


Forest Fires

To report a wildfire or unattended campfire, call *5555 on your cellphone or toll-free 1-800-663-5555.

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